Series 2140

Carton Sealers

Value-for-money dispensers for general applications and all types of carton sealing.

The dispensers are available with an adjustable brake (AB) or with a factory set brake (CB). ND 2140 takes 50 mm wide tapes of all types.

Optional accessories
 Optional print on plastic flaps
 Corrugated cutter
Customer’s choice of colour
 Rubber roller
See product specifications when ordering.

Model Weight (g) A, mm(") B, mm(") C, mm(") Cutting blade Units per ship. cart
ND 2140AB231 345 50 (2”) 120 (5”) 76 (3”) Serrated 25
ND 2140CB231 335 50 (2”) 120 (5”) 76 (3”) Serrated 25